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Purple Dragon

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Cayman Islands


Professor Don jacob

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Don Jitsu Ryu


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Purple Dragon Cayman Islands

If you are ready to consider a Martial Arts system, this is your opportunity to get involved with one of the most unique, practical, disciplined and holistic schools today. Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu is modern in concept, yet ancient in character and blends well with many different martial art styles such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Karate, Weaponry and Kickboxing allowing our students to become very well rounded and “complete” martial artists.
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Purple Dragon is devoted to remaining amongst the top leaders in this industry by offering world class instructions and services to our members. We pride ourselves in building a reputation of integrity in every community we serve around the world. We promote self-discipline, self-respect, leadership and self-confidence; we study Don Jitsu Ryu for self-defense and self-improvement.


Black Belt Grading #139 and Re-Launch Seminar

On Wednesday March 23rd, 32 people comprising of 12 Candidates and 20 supporters left Grand Cayman and headed to Boca Raton Florida for the Purple Dragon Re-Launch Seminar and Black Belt Grading #139.

Friday 25th -Sunday 27th saw what is the rough and rugged Purple Dragon Black Belt Grading. For 3 days these students endured tough mental and physical conditions in a quest to attain their various levels of Black Belt.

World Karate Championships 2015

In July of 2015, a team from the Cayman Islands went to participate in the World Karate Championships in Trinidad.

The team was successful in numerous divisions including the Team Demo Competition where they placed 2nd.

Japan Tour 2014

In 2014 a group from the Cayman Islands, along with a larger contingent from Purple Dragon International, toured various areas of Japan.



Purple Dragon’s Black Belt Chef 2016 Continues to Grow! Purple Dragon was at it again! This past weekend was their 3rd Annual Family Beach Barbecue and Black Belt Chef Competition. This is an annual amateur chef competition open to members of the Purple Dragon School......

Summer Kamp TIIIMMMEEE!! It’s finally here. Our fun and exciting summer karate kamp kicks off Today. There is almost no more room left, so call or email now and get your child involved in the most exciting camp that will provide your child with discipline,......

Last weekend saw our Cake Sale and Car Wash held in Wendy’s SMB Car Park. The volunteers had non-stop work as cars flooded the car park through out the day as well as people coming both to Wendy’s and to the dojo to collect and......

Students had their grading examinations on May 19th and 20th 2016. The students worked hard in preparation for Professor’s arrival and did their best on the floor. This grading saw another 100% Success Rate and the inclusion of 7 new Elite Warriors, 1 student being......