US Capitol Classics 2017

US Capitol Classics 2017

We Came, We Saw, We Entered and We Conquered! Congratulations once more to Team Purple Dragon on an outstanding performance at the just concluded U.S Capitol Classics in Washington D.C. You all have represented Purple Dragon International, your dojos, your countries, your families and most importantly yourselves.

“The all-Caymanian team, comprising four Purple Dragon black belt competitors and three competitors under black belt rank, participated in several divisions such as sparring, forms, extreme forms, weapons, extreme weapons, self-defense and the highly contested 17-and-under synchronized forms division, in which team members Dante Baptiste and Isabella Powery took third place. Dante and Isabella also went on to win four first-place trophies each in various forms and fighting divisions.

Purple Dragon dominated in the self-defense division with Isabella Powery taking the top title and Danette McLaughlin (a mom and a first-time competitor) capturing second place in their divisions. They were assisted by Abraham Powery and Dante Baptiste. Abraham went on to win first place in creative weapons, second place in continuous fighting and second place in creative forms, with Dante taking first place.

The two youngest competitors, Josiah Baptiste and Corey McLaughlin, both 9 years old, won second and third in sparring, respectively, and Josiah also earned fourth place in his forms division.

Sensei Geddes Hislop, a 5th degree Black Belt, brought home two first-place victories for creative forms and weapons and second place in sparring in the 50 years-and-over divisions.” – Cayman Compass

Congrats Team and looking forward to represent Purple Dragon Cayman Islands at the next world stage!