Project Purple

Purple Dragon School of Marital Arts has been in existence for over 25 years in the Cayman Islands. Some of Cayman’s Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Olympians have been members of Purple Dragon. Purple Dragon believes every child has greatness and through the process of Marital Arts it will instill discipline, focus, determination, self-worth and self-confidence. Martial arts is a well-regarded practice in terms of developing cognitive and physical skills, harnessing emotions and energy to have a controlled, positive outcome. Shihan Floyd from Purple Dragon Cayman Islands is launching one of the most important scholarship programmes ever created in the Cayman Islands.

The aim of “Project Purple” is to make a positive difference in the future of the Cayman Islands by investing in young Caymanians, at a critical time in their childhood development. The programme will develop, monitor, evaluate and “measure” the impact of Purple Dragon Martial Arts on a group of 12 students from John Grey High School over a 3-year period and accept 12 new students for this programme each year for 5 years. This project will actually span 8 years and positively affect the lives of 60 children.

The students are selected with the assistance of the Principle of John Grey High School, Jon Clarke, and the learning mentors from the four different houses at the school. The selected students and their parents undergo an intensive interview process with Shihan Floyd at Purple Dragon to ensure their commitment to this programme. This year the first 12 children will begin September 1st 2017 (Age 11) and end September 2020 (Age 14) and will be encouraged to strive to earn their black belt over the course of the three years.

The Purple Dragon Scholarship Programme,”Project Purple” is a scholarship programme that aims to transform the lives of 12 pre-teens per year by introducing them to the Purple Dragon Martial Arts programme, and having them develop and mature over the course of 3 years. This is the pilot project, but Project Purple will become a rolling programme, taking a new batch of 12 students each year from John Gray High School from the ages of eleven years old through to their fourteenth year.  The relationship between Purple Dragon and the educators at John Gray is a crucial one, helping to monitor the success of the students and submitting their data to an independent educational psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Ebanks nee Faulkner (of the Faulkner Academy fame) every six months. Jon Clark, Principle of John Gray high School can see the clear benefits of integrating Marital Arts with academics which will positively affect the attitudes and behaviors and ultimately the course of the lives of these children.

Each year for the next five years Project Purple together with the Principle and the Learning Mentors of John Gray High School and Shihan Floyd and the instructors and staff of the Purple Dragon School of Marital Arts will select another 12 students to undertake this 3 year scholarship programme. The target group is the year 7 and year 8 students They will be 11 years old at the beginning of the 3 year programme and they too will be monitored, evaluated and robustly measured using a sophisticated behavioral software system managed by the psychologist and the results of each group of 12 will be disclosed to you every six months culminating in an independent research document at the end of the three year period.

“Project Purple” includes a robust monitoring and evaluation process, to “measure” and effectively chronologically prove the impact of martial arts on the students’ life. Throughout the project pre and post behavioral evaluations will also be conducted by psychologist Doctor Elizabeth Ebanks née Faulkner, who ran the Faulkner academy for many years in the Cayman Islands,  so clear project outcomes will be available for scrutiny at the end of the programme. The ultimate aim is to positively alter the course of these students’ lives forever through their integration into the Purple Dragon Martial Arts system and to prove via robust research that the Purple Dragon program is effective in contributing positively to these students’ lives.

Offering scholarships is incredibly important both to me and the staff at Purple Dragon Cayman Islands. Ideally, we would be able to offer our programme to everyone but we are happy to start with supporting 12 students each year for 5 years who have the enthusiasm to commit to Purple Dragon and go on the fantastic journey of self-discovery with us. Partnering with John Gray is an amazing opportunity - not only will we help support the students and positively impact their lives but we will also track their progress through independent research, so we can make sure the project is as effective as possible.

- Shihan Floyd, Purple Dragon School of Marital Arts, Founder of Project Purple

We are very excited about a new enrichment partnership with Purple Dragon to offer long-term scholarship opportunities to their programmes. Our objectives are very similar and we are hoping to develop positive mindsets, self-belief, confidence and self-discipline that will improve attachment, engagement and performance within school while making a lifestyle commitment out of school. Purple Dragon have a proven track record of engaging and developing outstanding young people and we hope this opportunity will be of great benefit to those John Gray students involved.

- Jon Clarke Principal John Gray High School