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Purple Dragon Cayman Islands

If you are ready to consider a Martial Arts system, this is your opportunity to get involved with one of the most unique, practical, disciplined and holistic schools today. Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu is modern in concept, yet ancient in character and blends well with many different martial art styles such as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Karate, Weaponry and Kickboxing allowing our students to become very well rounded and “complete” martial artists.
Purple Dragon is devoted to remaining amongst the top leaders in this industry by offering world class instructions and services to our members. We pride ourselves in building a reputation of integrity in every community we serve around the world. We promote self-discipline, self-respect, leadership and self-confidence; we study Don Jitsu Ryu for self-defense and self-improvement.


Black Belt Grading #146

In July 2019, These patriotic ambassadors’ journeyed to Florida to attend the Seminar hosted by Purple Dragon Founder, Professor Don Jacob H.B.M.g, they then partook in the Black Belt Examination, which involved testing for 3 consecutive days in arguably one of the toughest black belt examinations in the world. All candidates were successful and we are proud of our team and their great achievement.

Black Belt Grading #144

In August 2018, Purple Dragon Team Cayman Islands embarked to Professor Jacob’s ‘Born to Learn’ Seminar and the 1st ever Black Belt Grading to be held in Ucluelet, Canada. All students were successful in passing the examination. Congratulations to all the candidates who once again have shown that hard work and dedication leads to success!

Black Belt Grading #142

In July 2017, Purple Dragon Cayman Islands sent a team to the black belt grading examination in Trinidad. All students that participated in the grading were successful and we now have 5 NEW Jet Black Belts, 1 new Jet Black Belt 3 GOLD Stars and 1 new Senpai 3rd Degree Black Belt 3 Purple Stars. Congratulations to ALL the candidates of this mind blowing Black Belt Grading #142

US Capitols Classics International Tournament

Seven competitors from Purple Dragon Cayman Islands brought home more than 18 awards from the 35th annual US Capitol Classics Open Martial Arts Tournament in Washington DC. These awards include eleven 1st place trophies, five 2nd, one 3rd and one 4th place trophy.



Congratulations to these 4 warriors for completing the CUC High School Relay Challenge. Thank You to you and your parents for stepping up on short notice and not only representing but posting a competitive time as well. Thank You to the black belts past and......

Congratulations Purple Dragon Cayman Warriors on earning the 3rd place Award for top performance at the #146 Purple Dragon Black Belt Grading in Boca Raton. Congratulations to Purple Dragon Trinidad and Tobago (1st Place) and Purple Dragon Canadian Headquarters (2nd Place)....

Our Earth Day Clean Up this morning was a great success. Bags upon bags of trash accumulated at the side of the road. Thank You to everyone who came out and did your part whether with #teampurpledragon or just in your community, your efforts made a difference. #purpledragonproud...